Skye Wealth Planning offers a new concept on what it takes to successfully achieve financial freedom by showing you how to become the author of your own dreams. Based on years of experience, expertise and a partnership approach, Skye Wealth Planning is dedicated to a dream-first path in charting your course to financial success.

Our clients are encouraged to explore, expand and create a vision of what their ultimate and most fulfilling life goals would be. You can go anywhere to get a dramatized, high-budget, one-size-fits-all financial plan, that at its core, does not begin to represent what your individual aims, dreams and means require. Better yet, because you’re worth it, you can come to Skye and experience the difference a Skye-Path will make in your life.

Planning for Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Skye Wealth Planning defines its mission as vision-driven not money-driven. We seek out kindred thinkers who want to lead a life of meaning.

Our research shows that intangibles form the basis for a satisfying life – time with family and friends, a sense of security, confidence and optimism for the future along with those pie-in-the-sky(e) ambitions and events like an extended sailboat voyage, a bungee jumping adventure or [insert your own dream here]. ‘Uniquely-you’ moments that define your life and create indelible memories.

Skye Wealth Planning maintains that money is the engine that fuels your goals but shouldn’t be confused with the goal itself. Skye uses the tools of the financial trade including RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, stocks, bonds, GICs, real estate, insurance and other established products to keep your motor humming at optimum levels.

Our team of industry specific advisors fervently buys into your goals, keeps track of the products that best serve your purpose and stands vigilant and alert when market deviations stand to affect your desired outcome.

Neil Almdal started in the business in 1957. His daughter Nancy joined him 1993 and assumed the helm in 1999. Now approaching nearly 60 years in the financial industry, the company relies on today, tomorrow, forever® as the abiding philosophy that Neil established those many years ago.


The Skye Path

There’s an important component to setting up a financial plan. Skye relies on its Skye Path as a tool to determine what each individual client’s life aspirations look like and to spell them out in vivid detail. As individual as your fingerprint or the sound of your voice, your life vision should be uniquely ‘you’. 

The Skye Path has been designed to help you identify those specific guiding values and beliefs that define your life. 

From there Skye Wealth Planning advisors help you develop specific and measurable goals to create a unique one-of-a-kind financial path that describes your own life situation – not some generic case study. 

The final result is a step-by-step plan of action that gives you the highest probability of achieving your goals. Not only a map to get your plan underway, the Skye Path also serves as a touchstone to check back each year with your Skye advisor to make sure that your plan is on course.

History shows that most financial plans fail due to a lack of follow through. By getting down to the things that really matter, we help inspire people to follow their plan and make their dreams come true.

We’re confident that you will benefit from engaging with the Skye Path whether or not you decide to become a client.

Achieving lift-off

Once your plan is up and running, Skye Wealth Planning clients find they can go about living their lives to the fullest and that their blood pressure and state of well-being needn’t rise and fall along with the financial markets dizzying heights and inevitable lows.

Skye Wealth Planning operates from the position that each client is unique in their dreams, goals and aspirations and can be confident that the sky(e) really is the limit!


When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier

Roy E. Disney

Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined.

Henry David Thoreau


Tim O’Toole

timOtoole Experience, empathy and enthusiasm go a long way in the financial services industry and Tim O’Toole is a prime example.

Tim’s diverse background in the financial services industry spanning over 20 years and his down to earth style has made him a go-to person for professionals and business owners across Canada. Tim’s roster of clients receive long term results that he measures in terms of peace of mind, security and the achievement of the goals that are most important to them.

Besides exceptional client service, Tim spent nine years training and mentoring over 200 financial advisors across Manitoba and Saskatchewan that created endless opportunities to learn and expand his knowledge. This wide range of experience helps Tim create specific and customized plans that enable his clients to move confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Tim looks to influencers like Roy E. Disney who taught that “when your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” “This is as true in financial planning as it is in his parks.

Our Skye Wealth Planning process will really help you to put things into perspective.”


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